Do you want us there?

I think it's time for me to contact him by phone.


If a restaurant has valet parking it's probably pretty expensive.


Suzanne deserves the same chance.

Were you busy last week?

How long have you been studying French?

I didn't know whether I wanted to go to university.

She needn't have come to the meeting.

That is not high on my list of priorities.

That's not a secret.

We're not very far from where it happened.

You look as though nothing has happened to you.


Isaac was hard to please.


Uri is certain to come on time.


Give the administration a chance.

He has enough money to buy it.

What are your hobbies?

Novo can answer.

Was Randell in class?

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I miss you guys so much!

Do you know what Ned was doing last night?

Do you know where Lesser Britain is?

Today, I was supposed to study at the library but I woke up around 12 o'clock.

Tell Cary to give this to Butler.

Russ was too proud to ask for help.

His real name is Belinda Jackson.

Sylvan's driver's license will expire next month.

She has decided to live in America for good.

In the U.S., you usually have to show identification in order to buy alcohol.

How many were they?


Is it true that Meehan joined a cult?


Who's going to foot the bill?


He didn't show up at the party last night.


Sarah's girlfriend's name is Beckie.

Jitendra is tired of people telling him what to do.

I've tried Controls, but they seem a little tighter to me than Durexes.


This is why they can find their way around the world.


Tanya slumped on the couch.

In this world everyone is ruled by money.

I've visited Boston twice.

After Kees's death, Andre was in deep mourning.

It might be dangerous.

I'm counting on it.

Indra says it's hot.

Have you told anyone about what Roy did?

There are holes in the floor.

A lifetime is short, but feels long.

The lesson of history is always that things have been otherwise in different times and places and thus could now be otherwise as well.


He is prime minister in name, but not in reality.

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See that Ann stays in bed.


You are guilty.


The peacock has fair feathers but foul feet.

On the Xbox 360 the very first thing he said was "good hardware."

Tomorrow I will buy what I need.

Mr. Bennet's property consisted almost entirely in an estate of two thousand a year, which, unfortunately for his daughters, was entailed, in default of heirs male, on a distant relation.

I only wanted to make you comfortable.


I might as well do it now.


I'll be back in a month.

Would you pass the peas, Shawn?

Work hard, and you'll pass the exam.

I thought Hirotoshi would be grateful.

Anatole will come back. I'm sure he will.

He hid it behind the door.

All the children were sitting in a circle.

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It's ached before, but never as badly as right now.


She asked me if I could sew.

Motorists must leave at least a metre wide buffer when passing cyclists.

She frequently gets sugar and salt mixed up.


Come and fight with us.

Jeany attended Thierry's graduation ceremony.

Try the cake.

Annie will attend Harvard.

We made ourselves at home.

I've had a headache for three days and I can't get rid of it.

Could you spare me a little time?


Why would you think like that?

Do my English homework or not do my English homework and contribute to Tatoeba, that is the question.

One of you is lying.

Scot hung up his keys on the hook.

Piercarlo says he's fine.

We have wine.

That's fair.

Upon hearing this news, I was left frozen, not knowing what to do.

There's no need to go to all that trouble.

What law did Harold break?

I can't imagine how much more colourless life would be without multiple languages.

Inhumanity is one of the signal and characteristic qualities of humanity.

She's younger than me.


You won't regret hiring me.


Which car is Danny's?

I want you to stay out of this.

I think he's making fun of you.

I am tired from a long walk.

I am proud of my father.


It's my turn to pay for dinner.

That is not an island.

I am very sad today.

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I'll pick you up at seven.


Sandra spent twice as much as I did.

We ought to do better.

Mah likes to tease Sergeant.

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I love both my daughter and my son.

Because it had been raining for a couple of days, the pitch was muddy and difficult to play on.

Moran doused the campfire.


Some people stared at me awkwardly.

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Spencer treats me like a child.

I have not yet dared to declare my love.

All of my strength gave out.

Pilar sent me roses this morning.

May I ask your age?

I got stabbed two years ago.

Have you finished packing your suitcase?

Your story only confirms my suspicions about your bad behavior.

My findings suggest that that is not the case.

What would Herb say if he walked in right now?

John, are you and Jeffery brothers?

Ranjit makes it a rule to get up early.

Did you give it to them?

Stephanie may not want to go.

For the sake of children in need, we cooperated to collect donations.

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Please tell Howard Mahesh called.

Can you blame Sanjib?

I have a throbbing headache.

Thanks a lot, Tigger, but no thanks.

Wait until I sit down.

This is Carrie Underwood's latest album.

He intends to visit the farm on Sunday.


None of the food was left.


You look nervous. What happened?

I didn't catch as many fish as I had expected.

That mountain is covered in snow all year round.

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This is the life that I chose.

Tell your sister to follow those rules. I'm not your servant.

Do you think I should tell Syun how I feel?

Put a sock in it.

Not all people are evil devils.

The two of you are watching.

This house was built in 1870.

I told Joni what the plan was.

Lievaart is a house painter.

I like to be surprised.

We want to get back there as soon as we can.

Did people recognize you?

You should get your car washed.

Jason said he'd be home for dinner.

I can't be distracted by this.

Funeral pomp is more for the vanity of the living than for the honor of the dead.

They're way too calm.

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I assume both of you brought flashlights.


Leonard is extremely cautious.


If I were rich, I would travel.

I almost forgot that it was his birthday.

I'll come with her.

She sobbed heavily.

We have our lives to live.


Eddy won the lottery, but went bankrupt a year later.

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Words hurt more than fists.

They grew up in poverty.

Silence is golden, not sacred.

I don't want to be with you.

Aaron helped Albert find her daughter.